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Fiona 22nd Jul 2011 Recrecation Therapist
Hi There, Has anyone had a Country & Western theme day? I would love some ideas for games from anyone who has held such a day. Thanks for the great support.
Jayleen 26th Jul 2018 Activity Assistant
Milk the cow
- Add pudding into rubber gloves and hang from saw horses. Have two people compete to see who can "empty the udders" the fastest.
Horse Races
-Similar to the old fashioned board game but modified to suit a bigger group
Cow Pattie Toss
- We have a pancake breakfast for a western week at our senior's home, and use the left over pancakes to throw at a target. The target we use is a red circle target from our floor curling. We sit the residents in a circle and they take turns seeing who can throw the "pattie" most accurately.
You could also try roping a chair dressed up to look like a cow. Just some ideas! :)
Molly 29th Jul 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Fiona, in addition to Jayleen's fantastic ideas you can check out the golden carers article on how to host a country western themed party. It is jam-packed with fun ideas
Talita 29th Jul 2018
These are great ideas, thanks Jayleen!

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