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Rachel Stirling 25th Nov 2017 Diversional Therapists
Hi all,

On our program we run a cafe an coffee/tea and biscuits activity.Once apone a time it attracted quite a few residents but is now only engaging 3 residents.I need help in how to make this activity more interesting and get better participation. We run trivia an current affairs down there.Any ideas would be great.
Thanks Rachel
Solange 26th Nov 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Rachel, it is really disheartening when the numbers drop in any activity. Have you tried to involve clients’ family in the activity? Invite relatives so they may combine a visit with the activity. Another idea is to announce a Quiz Tournament. Divide participants into two groups and offer a choice of two quizzes, e.g. a Geography quiz or a World’s Capital quiz. The winning group will be serenaded by the loser group with some known song. Make it fun and they will be back. All the best.
Susan 27th Nov 2017 Activity Director
Here are some other ideas
Do an informal survey
Ask residents why they are not coming
Is it the food
Is that the drinks
Is it the activities provided
Has there been a decline in the residents condition
Depending on the results maybe you want to have cold drinks instead of hot maybe serve some different type of food maybe you want to have a cooking activity where the residents can eat what they make or you can demonstrate how to make something and have the residents eat it
Maybe you can have some kind of entertainment
Maybe you need to have less often
Matthew 28th Nov 2017 Consultant
Everything has a beginning, middle and end. Often specialty activities run their course and interest wains. Perhaps it’s time to mix it up and add something or do something a little different. Whatever engages your elders.
Rachel 28th Nov 2017 Diversional Therapists
Thanks for all your advice. I would prefer to offer something else but we still have three residents who love to attend.
Thanks Rachel

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