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Heather 28th Nov 2017 Diversional Therapist / Caregiver
Hi everyone. First off thank you Golden Carers and members for great ideas and tools. I’m finding myself a bit stumped on new ideas. I work in a small resthome with 13 residents, activities is only run for 2 hours 10-12 Monday to Friday. I know!! We have 5 vision impaired residents. To get as many involved as I can do crosswords, quizzes, reminisce, musical bingo (without the cards) , visits from pre schools, music sessions. Can you tell me what you do to keep vision impaired ressies occupied. Oh and they have their own radios and audio books as well. Thanks heaps
Susan 29th Nov 2017 Activity Director
Hi Heather,
Have you tried these?

My go to activity is a sing a long

Here is a link to a game I have played often

You can also pair the visually impaired person with a person who has good eyesight
Solange 29th Nov 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi Heather, have you tried these?
Tactile games in Braille: Four in a Row – Banana-grams – Sudoku.
Outings for coffee or ice cream (You’ll need a volunteer)
Sculpting with dry clay
Pet therapy – Invite someone with a docile cat or dog to visit the facility
Cooking (mixing eggs and sugar or breaking eggs, or shaping dough) –
Craft – God’s Eye – unravelling wool – recycled collage - Stick pictures.

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