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Janey 1st Jan 2018 Human Being
I visit an elderly lady in a local nursing home. I am not related to her. It seems her family does not visit her often and she has few friends in the facility. Her birthday is next week. I know she has one or two acquaintances in the facility and I plan on sending them personal invitations to meet in the activity center for cake to celebrate her birthday. What else can I do to make it a special day for her and make it memorable?
Solange 2nd Jan 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Janey, have no doubt the lady will forever remember you. I bet no one ever did what you are doing for her. Your lady friend is very lucky to have you; a kind and a compassionate person having an interest in her. What you are doing is perfectly proper, a few friends celebrating the birthday of a lady living her Autumn years. Well done!
leanne 2nd Jan 2018 ota
talk to the activity staff and see if the residents can make her some cards. an age balloon or handmade chocolates if you are allowed to bring them in( every facility has its rules. just make a fuss with maybe a funny hat. so many ideas but I suppose it depends on your time and budget

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