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Donna 2nd Jan 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Everyone, I work for a society that has two facilities in North QLD, Australia. We are wanting to bring some chickens and birds to be permanent residents here also, but keep hitting road blocks with our need to follow the QLD health guidelines for having pets reside at aged care homes. It seems that every hurdle we try to overcome, creates three more to tackle! I know there are facilities out there that have successfully kept chickens and birds, and must have all the appropriate work instructions and policies and procedures in place, and was hoping to be able to pick someones brain as to where to start! Thanks in advance :)
Solange 2nd Jan 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Donna, maybe the rules have changed, I am surprised you are having trouble setting up a chicken house. Hens-keeping is therapeutic to elders, helping tackle loneliness, and calming agitated minds.
I worked for a facility where we had 6 chickens in an enclosed compound. We just bought the chicken house and then the baby chickens. The most important thing is to have someone in charge until the hens start laying (we did have a Care Plan relating to the chickens establishing who would feed, take to the Vet, etc). Alternatively, you may buy laying hens. In my facility, the chickens’ nests were accessible from a footpath and the residents loved to go there daily to get the eggs. We had no problems with work-health safety. We also had two small dogs, immensely popular. I wish you a successful pet program, it is worth it.

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