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Sophie 25th Jan 2018 Hospitality Officer
Hi Everyone!

For all activity coordinators I am just doing some research.. would you feel having activity coordinator training would benefit you in your role?

What would you like to see mentioned in the training...

Thanks in advance! x
Maree 25th Jan 2018 Activities Officer

Personally I would benefit from note taking training and tips. Otherwise it would always be beneficial just to meet with others in a similar role to compare notes and toss ideas around. I work in two very small facilities and having a network would help tenfold.
Nori 26th Jan 2018
Yes, I found my training to be incredibly helpful. "Hands-on" training was especially important: reading a textbook or article is fine, but putting it into practice makes all the difference.
Topics I would suggest include:
-time management
-recognizing common illnesses and medication side effects in the elderly
-interpersonal communication skills (for effectively communicating with co-workers, supervisors, volunteers, tenants, among others)
-general state/province laws with respect to elder care
-how to adapt an activity idea for implementation with various elderly populations (for example: how to execute a craft project for people with no/mild dementia AND moderate/severe dementia;
-how to write accurate and appropriate progress notes

If I think of others, I'll post again.
Sophie 29th Jan 2018 Hospitality Officer
Thank you Maree and Nori - this will help me create an agenda for all 13 of my Activity Coordinators!
Ema 31st Jan 2018 Activities Coordinator
Hi, I would say yes this is something that needs to be updated all the time. Not only does it help with helping you to train others when they become a member of the work force so it compliments the care skills, but as time goes on we need to adapt out activities to the ever changing levels of dementia etc.
Khelie 13th Feb 2018
I second Nori I am struggling with very mixed Dementia and expected to Coordinate and
do the activities myself. The space we have is very small and most everyone is in chairs hard to fit a table in without people getting caught into it. I have 2-4 HF and the rest LF or the middle I can't seem to find anything other than sing a longs where I can be up chasing or untangling wheelchairs .
Solange 14th Feb 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Khelie, it is rather sad your facility does not provide the space you need. Still, forget the table, clients on wheelchairs may enjoy group activities from a whiteboard perspective: word games, crosswords, and Antonyms, Synonyms finding (brain food), also to play the suction cup balls and Hangman. ​Hope your situation regarding space changes sooner than later.​ All the best.

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