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Sunya 7th Feb 2018 Activity Director
Hello everyone first I want to thank Golden carers for having an awesome website. This website has taken a lot of pressure off me and has helped me in being so creative. Do anyone have ideas for birthday party games? I want to do fun things before we have cake and ice cream. Thank you
Talita 10th Feb 2018
Thank you so much for your feedback Sunya!
We have an article about birthdays here that may be helpful:
Nori 16th Feb 2018
OOOOH, I love celebrating birthdays!
I posted this idea before, but it's a fun one that works for groups of all sizes and abilities: Do an acrostic poem! Write the birthday boy/girl's name vertically on a large piece of cardboard or white board, and then ask everyone in the group to think of a word that describes the person that begins with the same letter. For example:
L: lovely, laughing
O: okay, optimistic
I: interesting
S; superb, silly
Write big, so everyone can see the words, and then take a picture of the birthday boy/girl holding his/her poem!
Alison 20th Feb 2018
Nori what a great idea. Love this. Thanks. I may just introduce it as an activity,
Doreen 21st Feb 2018
What a great idea! I'll be sure to use it!
Sunya 22nd Feb 2018 Activity Director
Thank you for those ideas. I am going to try them at our next birthday party

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