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Maude 13th Feb 2018 Leisure therapist
Hi everyone !
What are you doing for St-Patrick's Day?

I already look in the files for St-Patrick's day celebration...
Diane 14th Feb 2018 Activity Coordinator
One thing my residents enjoy and look forward to is the Shamrock Hunt. I have 10 paper shamrocks about 6 inches across numbered 1 through 10. I use fun tack to put them up in the hallways in our Lodge and they have to go around finding all of them, writing down where they found each one. For example: #1 By the fireplace, #2 By room 24. It gets them moving and they get a small prize when they return the sheet to me. I have 10 hearts ready to go for tomorrow and the prize will be a valentine's pencil from the dollar store and a wrapped chocolate. I also do this at Easter with paper Easter Eggs, and pumpkins for Halloween.
Maude 15th Feb 2018 Leisure therapist
It really is an amazing idea !!! Thank you Diane !
I will need to find a way to adjust this activities since more than half of my residents are in wheelchair...
Diane 15th Feb 2018 Activity Coordinator
You are welcome Maude. I only have 3 in wheel chairs, only one that participates, and he gets another resident to push him around and they work as a pair.
Amanda 18th Feb 2018 Extended Care Assistant
Hi everyone,
I use Golden Carers on a weekly basis it is an amazing site with wonderful ideas.
I'm already looking at the files for our St Patrick's Day Celebrations and was thinking of having a BBQ.
If you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate them.
Lisa 4th Mar 2018 Carer
hi I have lots of trimmings going up a singer coming in to sing irish songs refreshments irish coffee, guinness & white/black pudding soda bread for snacks.
Carol 20th Mar 2018 Activities Organiser
Hi everyone
Re.St.Patricks day I put up shamrock bunting,do a white board word game 'All words have to have IRE in them',another:make a GREEN list,have adult colouring page of leprechaun, I read out Irish jokes and do a short quiz about Ireland and play Irish music.
I normally have a room of about nine people all of which are immobile.
Keep the wonderful work going on this site
Ema 21st Mar 2018 Activities Coordinator
I decorated the room with green and gold as you see they were by the window and the sun rays were hitting the gold and they were shining, I had shamrock cut out and placed on the walls and music playing in the background which encouraged singing.

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