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Jodie 1st Mar 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
Good morning everyone :)
Does anyone have good football tipping draw that is easy and suitable for our residents?? Kind regards
Talita 3rd Mar 2018
Hi Jodi! I'll see what we can do to come up with one, I know footy tipping is popular and the season begins shortly!
Deirdre 3rd Mar 2018 leisure & Lifestyle / Nurse
I got mine of
I copy & pasted each game. Then doubled each weeks game. i give 1 copy to the Resident & I keep a copy(as some residents will question their score at times.)
If you send me your email, I will send it to you if you would like.
Jodie 6th Mar 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi Deirdre, last year I got it all on 1 a3 sheet and just highlighted who they picked but im having trouble trying to find that again. but if you send it for me I can have a look that would be great :)

[email protected]
Cherie 11th Apr 2018
I got the tipping sheet from the courier mail on line and the tipping sheets I make new ones every round by finding the teams emblems online and print them out. The courier mails tipping sheet also gives you the rounds and teams playing as well.

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