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Nori 15th Mar 2018 Activity Director
Just wanted to share an amazing exercise find with all of you (and maybe I'm late to the party with this): Zoe Cordwell doing chair Zumba!!!!

This is just the FIRST of her many videos, and they are wonderful. If you are in need of a short exercise video that uses great music and easy movements, I highly recommend giving these a try!
Talita 30th Mar 2018
Thanks Nori, chair zumba - what a great idea!
Nikole 5th Apr 2018 Activities Director
I use what I call sittercise...slow stretching movements in a chair making it easy for everyone. My residents love it but I don't want them to get bored with the same video over and over...I will definitely look into this chair Zumba. Thank you for sharing!
Teresa 17th Apr 2018
She has a great Chair Zumba video thanks for sharing this link.
Aline 18th Apr 2018 Activities Coordinator
Thats a great link thank you for sharing
Linette 19th Mar 2019 Program Manager
Great link and members will love the music. Thank you!

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