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Sharon 27th Mar 2018 Certified Nurses Assistant
I need some good suggestions on ring toss games. And also bean bag games.
KATHRAIN 27th Mar 2018
I have revamped the bean bag toss game for my higher functioning clients. I took a small table cloth and put different colored construction paper on it. On the construction paper I wrote different things they have to do i.e. clap your hands, stomp your fee etc. They threw 3 bean bags and had to do all three actions. Around the holidays I took and put little gifts that you can find at any dollar store and when they landed the bean bag on the paper with the prize, they got the prize. This game can be adapted to fit any range of clients. My higher functioning clients absolutely loved doing bean bag toss this way. Promoted lots of fun, laughter, and movement for them.
Anne 27th Mar 2018 Day Care Manager
Hi Sharon

We got an old sheet and made a circular shape with targets, each circle had a number in and the members through a bean bag at the circle and whatever target it lands they would get that point, easy and effective.

Solange 29th Mar 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Sharon, Ring Toss Games and Bean Bags games are easily made by clients or volunteers. You can use soda bottles and make the rings out of rope or purchase them online, it is very inexpensive. Bean Bags can also be handmade by clients or/and volunteers. Both games are fun and bring a lot of laughter. The Bean Bag Toss can be made two ways, either with squares of fabric sewed together or use a sturdy cardboard and make circular holes, as many as you wish. You can give the circles different points if you prefer. The board is then placed on a slant; the participant with more points wins the game. Here is a couple of links you may have missed.

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