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Fiona 11th Jun 2018 activity co-ordinator
Looking for suggestions , we have a gentleman in the Memory support section with challeging behavours . Going into the fridge ( have placed safety locks , no entry and stop signs to no success ) , he pulls door handles off the doors .He was a electrician before retirement .
Staff escort him on afternoon walks , 1:1 activities .
Penny 12th Jun 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Fiona have you looked at getting a old fridge for him to go to, also maybe you could also get him some locks with keys lock all the locks and see if he can open them with the keys, see if the maintenance person can build you a board with things on it the he can go and touch that he might of used when he was a electrician make sure that these are on a chain. I hope this helps.
Carol 20th Jun 2018 Activities Assistant
Could you get old appliances e.g. toasters and give him a screw driver to fix (dismantle) it Cut the cords off so he cannot plug them in.

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