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Michelle 13th Jul 2018 Activity Coordinator
We have 3 units with 15 residents in each unit , the units have mixed capacity . I was wondering if anyone can tell me if it's normal to have only a few residents each day that are interested in taking part ?
I find one to one a lot better as you really get to engage with the person and it is always a success but when it comes to group activity there isn't a lot of interest. My manager has asked me to make a folder for each resident to show person centred activities but I am finding it hard to gather much information and without sounding horrible reading their biography they didn't have hobbies or really any interests I was actually shocked by this .
My manager would like to see the residents continue with their interests but I can't seem to find out much or there is no record .
Solange 13th Jul 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Michelle, I know what you mean. You are quite right about one to one, you couldn't get any more person-center than undivided individual attention. But your manager is right too, while you attend

​some​ other​s​ go unattended. Try to find out via their families what sort of leisure they did in the past. Most likely they were busy with life in the past and only now they are ready to take on a hobby. The best thing is to start with very small groups like two or three people and engage them with Cards/ Puzzles/Word Search/ Find the Differences/Word Game. You would have to gather three like-minded residents so they can cooperate with each other. Meanwhile, you could be nearby with another small group. Eventually, you will need a volunteer or two to help you out and make the groups a little larger. All the best!
Margaret 19th Jul 2018 Senior Carer/activity Co-ordinator
HI Michelle I started the activity coordinators role in may and was finding it quite difficult to get all the residents involved as only a couple would turn up I went round to customers flats and asked about their back ground history and their hobbies were of what activities they would like to see put on in which I had good feed back and find their are a few more residents taking part in the activities.
the golden carers site is really good as residents are enjoying all the paper work that is sent
they enjoyed doing the name the film stars and the quizzes.

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