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Linda 17th Jan 2012 Activities Assistant
Has anyone got any Australia Day craft activities ideas for Australia Day for high care dementia residents.
Thanks Linda
Janaya 18th Jan 2021 OTA
Hi Linda, I often print templates of Australian native animal pictures or simply 'Happy Australia day' banners and flags (a lot of pintable's are provided free on the internet) and provide equipment and colours needed for them to paint or colour in with textas. With aprons and gloves and plenty of supervision / guidance, my high care dementia patients seem always enthusiastic once started and have fun. Its basic, easy to supervise and prompt..
Susan 19th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Thank you Janaya For your ideas
Susan 19th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Linda
Here are some ideas
Oh I like dot painting
Instead of printing these templates out by some dark paint and a craft store of printing these templates out by some dot paint at a craft store and put a piece of paper in front of each resident with a paint and see what they create
If you can’t find dot paints you can use bingo Dobbers
You can adapt and modify any of these activities to make them simple are you could have a simple party and sing happy birthday to Australia

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