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Phoenix 30th Aug 2018 Life Enrichment Director
I was recently put in charge of the activity department for our nursing home(s) and post-acute rehabilitation facility, in addition to our assisted living facility. I have an employee that is having a difficult time completing assessments in a timely manner. Does any one have a helpful form or method that they use to track when assessments are due that I can pass along?

Solange 30th Aug 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Phoenix,
We used to record the quarterly Assessment online but I would guess that the hard copy would be similar. The form should have a concise recapitulation of the resident's activities in the past three months as follows :
Title: Quarterly Assessment
Identification information of the resident: Name, room number
Social activities/interaction - average participation
Physical pursuits
Religious aspirations
Alterability and frequency of behaviour symptoms, if any.
Emotional upheavals, if any.
Visitors: family friends - emotional expression
Illnesses, if it affected activity participation
So long, I hope it helps.
Susan 31st Aug 2018 Activity Director
Where I work I was given a list from the MDS nurse and from the CRC nurse so I knew which assessments had to be done and when
I passed this along to the assistans in charge of the people on the list and then I checked to make sure that they were done
Actually the nurses told me and them if they were delinquent on any of the assessments

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