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Christina 3rd Sep 2018
I volunteer at the music therapy group at an aged care facility where the residents in the group are at different levels of needing care. Some are at very advanced stages of dementia others at early stage and still others don't have dementia but need care for other reasons.

I'm looking for some musical activities that all can be involved in and looking for different drumming activities that all can participate in.
Would be grateful for ideas along this line and any other ideas that you can think of.
Talita 3rd Sep 2018
Hi Christina, here are some articles that may be helpful to you:

Drum Circle activity:

Music Activities for Dementia Care:

The full music category of activity ideas is available here:
Christina 6th Sep 2018
Hi Talita,

Thanks for all of these activities. I was looking for something a little less formal and structured as some of the residents who come to the music morning would find it challenging to take part in a formal and structured arrangement.


Molly 10th Sep 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
I use the Music Activities for Dementia Care resource that Talita referenced all of the time and it is great!
Marilyn 11th Sep 2018
I too use a musical program. And I find that my resident does not want to dance or drum. But sometimes she will sing. And most times the musical from an era that she is familiar with is enough because she can express herself more easily than a lengthy conversation. So people are just toe rappers I guess.
Cala 8th Apr 2022 Program Leader
I work at a dementia day centre and I use egg shakers on a regular basis. I choose songs with a good beat and work out a simple routine for our members. I then get the members to come up with their own movements that the rest of us have to follow. It is wonderful to see the creativity of our members when it is their turn to shake! Highly recommend getting egg shakers for your centre!
Susan 8th Apr 2022 Activity Director
Wow Cala
This sounds great and a lot of fun
Thank you for sharing
Anita 26th May 2022 Activities Assistant
Search bucket drumming on YouTube then modify to suit abilities. Put playlist together on Spotify. Try this song, I love it.
It’s by The Klaxons, it’s called Clap Clap Sound.
Susan 27th May 2022 Activity Director
Hi Anita
This sounds good
Thank you for sharing

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