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Luiza 11th Sep 2018 Activitie Coordinator
Hello.I am an activity coordinator in small town Skibbereen,Ireland.I have about 7 residents who would like to participate in Pen Pal Activity.Anyone would be interested?
Sharese 11th Sep 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi there,
We are in Melbourne, Australia, and I have two ladies originally from Ireland. They may be interested in corresponding with your residents?
Margaret 14th Sep 2018 Life Enrichment Director
I am from St. Paul Minnesota in the United States and we would also be interested:) You can email me at [email protected].
Luiza 14th Sep 2018 Activitie Coordinator
Thank you ladies for replying to me.Margaret I send you email.For some reason I got email,that message cannot be delivered?!Wrong email adress.Sharese we would love to get in touch with your residents.My email adress is [email protected]
Donna 14th Sep 2018 Activity Director
Hi Luiza,
We are a small assisted living facility in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, USA. We just started a pen pall group and have had 3 replies. We'd love to add you to the group. You can mail us at:
Kettle Moraine Gardens
Attn: Activities
1038 Fond du Lac Ave
Kewaskum, Wisconsin, USA 53040
Luiza 18th Sep 2018 Activitie Coordinator
Sharese and Margaret can you forward adress of your facilities.
Julie 18th Sep 2018 lifestyle assistant
I would love to get involved with a pen friend most of my ladies are high care but would love hearing the letters and waiting for their replies something to look forward to
[email protected] I am in Melbourne Australia Julie.
Sharese 19th Sep 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
Good morning,
Our address is; 153-177 Webster Way, Pakenham, Victoria, Melbourne, 3810
email to me; [email protected]
this will be a lovely activity for our residents.
thank you.
Carolyn 20th Sep 2018 Lifestyle Support Worker
Hi Luisa. I work at an assisted accomodation lodge in a small town in Qld and would love to help some residents connect with your group. As some residents have brain injuries it would be helpful to have some background information on your group. Are you able to let me know their age,gender,hobbies? My email address is
Luiza 22nd Sep 2018 Activitie Coordinator
send emails to all of you Ladies.Donna next week we will be sending our first letter to you.Thank you all for replying to me.
Donna 22nd Sep 2018 Life Enrichment Specialist
I am in Parker Colorado and if anyone is interested in doing this let me know!
[email protected]
Crystal 26th Sep 2018 Activity Director
Im from Georgia and would love to participate
Diana 6th Nov 2018 Student/ Activities Assistant
Hi! I am from Dominican Village in Amityville, NY. We have a high population of Irish ladies who would love to write to you. Please let me know some of your residents names, hobbies and address. Thank you! [email protected]
Donna 7th Nov 2018 Activity Director
Yes, I would be interested. I believe we DID receive one from Ireland already. I'll check if it was you. I did reply
Sherri 8th Nov 2018 Activity Assistant
I would be interested. I am at a facility with 150 residents with an 85% population of dementia. I have some residents that are able to communicate and would love to do this! Please send me the information. Email is fine as I might see the email first.
[email protected]
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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