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Pat 12th Sep 2018 Volunteer
I love Goldencarers. I began working with Memory Care about an year ago. Golden carers came for my rescue. I am usually creative, but when it comes to settling to a limited number of activities I go blank. Because everything seem to be good. Golden Carers have helped me sort out my brain.
I love the Handbag sorting. This I believe is so appropriate for my population I work with. I am going to try this tomorrow... when I get back to work. I believe this can be done with a group and it will be fun everyone watching while the other person sorts out.

Love you Golden Carers !!!
Talita 16th Sep 2018
Thank you Pat! We appreciate your kind and supporting words so so much!
We also love hearing what works well for you and what activities you want to see more of!
Molly 17th Sep 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi, Pat! How encouraging to hear how much Golden Carers has helped. I would love to hear how your residents enjoyed the Handbag sorting!
Pat 17th Sep 2018 Volunteer
Thank you Talita and Molly for your encouragement. Yes !!! sorting the handbag worked so well. They even laughed when they saw a kitchen sponge and laundry pegs among the items to sort out for the hand bag.
Amanda 17th Oct 2018 Executive Director
Did you do this activity with several handbags? Empty the contents on table in front of how many residents to sort?
Pat 18th Oct 2018 Volunteer
I did with one handbag. They really had fun. I tried this as a group... as well as one on one. Both worked well.

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