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Catalina M 23rd Sep 2018 Activity Director
i need help how to make a report of an injured resident
she felt down of her wheelchair. i am not sure how to begin.
Missy 25th Sep 2018 Diversional Therapist
Write your date and Time and Write what happened. simple as that. dont elaborate and dont exaggerate, just write what happened
Molly 26th Sep 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Yes, I do the same as Missy. Then I put it in their chart, and keep one for my records as well.
Linda 28th Sep 2018 Recreation Therapist
Your facility/organisation would have Incident Reports, these need to be competed ASAP after the event and given to your supervisor
Catalina M 21st Oct 2018 Activity Director
Thank you so much for your support. Missy, Molly, and Linda thank you a million its a big help. it comes with some consequences in the future.

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