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Owen 31st Oct 2018 Retired
As a former professional Boy Scout editor and trainer, I enjoyed deriving and teaching activities for Scouts and Leaders. Now I continue this interest in activities by assisting the volunteer helpers at our Seniors Redwood Club in Wellington with new activities. Your Golden Carers website certainly has plenty of variety in these activities and the monthly calendar of "This Day in History" is very helpful in making the programmes relevant to our daily visits to this Seniors Club.
Thank you for this wonderful resource.
Owen Rodgers,
Life Member Scouts New Zealand.
Talita 3rd Nov 2018
Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words Owen, this means so much to us! With your background and experience, I'm sure you have many wonderful activity ideas you could share with us too! We'd love you to do so in the future! Thanks again!
Owen 22nd Dec 2018 Retired
I would love to share as I have lots of ideas to give. Maybe we should get serious next year. Happy Christmas to all who use Golden Carers site.
Talita 30th Dec 2018
Happy New Year Owen!
Owen 31st Dec 2018 Retired
And a Happy New Year to you too Talita, Ivy, and all the others at Golden Carers. A new year and a new challenge. After a break for the holidays we resume activities at the Redwood Club again on 10 January. A new manager takes over and I await the policy for accepting new material from me to assist the voluntary staff with programmes of activities as before. As well as the huge fund of ideas from Golden Carers to draw on, I have my own files of activities I wrote for Scouts New Zealand which I am able to pass on to for your inclusion in the Golden Carers site. Many of these activities have been used by Scouts around the world and as our "Good Deed" we are pleased to pass them on for others to enjoy. I work in "Outlook Publisher" but if you are unable to accept that I can convert them to PDF. Please advise and I will prepare and send a sample shortly.
Talita 31st Dec 2018
Hi Owen, publisher is fine! I will send you a private email so that you can respond directly. Thanks Owen, all the best!
Owen 1st Jan 2019 Retired
Great Talita, I have a series of Guessing Games which I am working on at the present. I will send these to you when completed. I loved your Scouting Quiz and got 100% correct. There would have been something wrong if I had failed any of the questions, my having now cherished just over 80 years in the Scout Movement as a member through the ranks, volunteer leader, trainer as well as a professional recruiter and editor. My first book on 100 years of The Scout Movement in New Zealand is sold out with Books 2 and 3 now taking shape.
Life Member Scouts New Zealand
Talita 5th Jan 2019
This sounds great Owen! Wow, 80 years in the Scout Movement - what an achievement! Congratulations on the success of your book and all the best with the ones in the works...
You are an inspiration!
Owen 27th Jan 2019 Retired
The new game posted by a member of "Once upon a Time" where everyone contributes to a story sentence by sentence, has been adapted by me for our next meeting. It sounds to be a very good game to get everyone involved who hardly ever contributes to discussions whether by lack of confidence, shyness or just not wanting to. We will try it out at our next meeting and report back. Copy posted separately.

Owen, Member The Redwood Club, Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand.

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