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Owen 9th Dec 2019 Retired


We play golf putting on the carpet at The Redwood Club in Tawa Wellington NZ. The back board is easy to make or usually can be purchased. Great fun for left or right habders.
Owen 19th Nov 2019 Retired

Match the Brand Name to it's Logo

What a good test off memory but it is a pity you did not supply the answers as I have never heard of many of them
Owen 23rd Oct 2019 Retired

American Football or Soccer?

I say again that Soccer is one of many forms of football or footy, just as American football, Rugby Union, Rugby League, and others are. Actually those responsible for insisting that football is Soccer are correct but to rename Soccer as Football only are misusing the word. Let's all call the game Soccer and avoid the confusion with the other forms of Football
Owen 16th Oct 2019 Retired


Croquet sounds an interesting game to get our residents up and active so I am exploring making the hoop from your instructions and acquiring a club as well but need some guidance on how the game is played. We have a carpeted area to play it on and some Bocci balls to use but how is scoring made. I would like some guidance on the proceedure please.
Redwood at Tawa, NZ
Owen 5th Oct 2019 Retired

Paper Moon Rockets Game

Glad to know others found the activity of Landing on the moon with paper rockets great fun by both men and women. Pleased to be able to share it with everyone.

If others have good ideas for time currant or relevant activities please forward them so we can all share in the fun and games.
Owen 14th Sep 2019 Retired


Quizzes of every kind can be found on this site. I have actually made up quite a few which are available but you can get more by googling "Quizzes" on the internet. Take your pick from a straight subject quiz to a quirkey quiz which uses puns to get the brain box working. These are a lot of fun

Owen 9th Sep 2019 Retired

American Football or Soccer?

In New Zealand Soccer is Association Football and Football is Rugby (Union), Rugger or Footy. Other games of football are Rugby League, American Football or Gridiron, Sevens (in Rugby Union), and a number of other variations in some sports. But Football has always meant Soccer.
Owen 28th Aug 2019 Retired

Quirky Quiz

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Quirky Quiz
Owen 21st Aug 2019 Retired

Quirky Quiz - Powerpoint

Quirky Quizzes
I gathered the Quirky Quiz questions from many places, mostly from the various Golden Carers sites, and converted some of the more newsy statements into querty quiz question form, putting up to 30 of them into a one A4 page question numbered list with answer format that could be used as a Quirky Quiz session or time filler. There are many words with double meanings or which can be pronounced differently with a change of one or two letters that can be made into a querty question. I will convert what I have done into PDF from Publisher for you since you are interested.
Owen 8th Aug 2019 Retired

Winter Campfire

Scouting and Guiding have a lot to give to Age Concern residents so it is good to know your talents are not being wasted. Make use of your training in both of these organisations for the benefit of the elderly which is always greatly appreciated, Songs, games, stunts, campfires, all can be adapted to the age group and loved. Take my word for it,
Life member Scouts New Zealand
(and still keeping on at 89,5 Years Of Age)