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Owen 20th Jun 2019 Retired

D Day Invasion Quiz

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: D Day Invasion Quiz
Owen 17th Jun 2019 Retired

Funny Short Stories #1

Great funnies, Can we have some more please. Owen
Owen 11th Jun 2019 Retired

The Role of Leisure & Health Staff in Falls Prevention

Our staff at The Redwood Club in Wellington NZ insist that I use a walking frame when moving around as I am prone to falling, mostly because I have a balancing problem. Any ideas for help are always welcome and I read with interest the article above, most of which are common sense although carrying them through is sometimes hard.
I do appreciate help to stand up from a chair or walking up and down steps and playing some games at the club requires a friendly helper standing close by. But most people are mindful of when I need support and for this I am appreciative of their willingness to drop what they are doing to lend a hand. Thank you to the other residents and staff. Owen.
Owen 23rd Apr 2019 Retired

Vocabulary Synonyms Quiz #3

This quiz had me thinking really hard as I am not ashamed to admit I do turn to the thesaurus at times. Often the right word did not come to mind during my writing the books on the 100 year history of New Zealand Scouting.
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Owen 16th Apr 2019 Retired

5 Ways to Honor Residents by Validating Their Past

I could not agree more with the comments and suggestions. I found this in my case and I am now involved in many of the ideas to make me feel part of the residential gathering like saying grace before the meal, leading discussions, helping with ideas for the programme from Golden Carers which has lots of ideas, some of which I have even contributed. And as a keen photographer and former press journalist I enjoy taking pictures of the group's activities for our end of year pictorial record.
All this for my integration into to fold and personal satisfaction as well as enjoyment.
Owen 5th Apr 2019 Retired

Guess the Word Whiteboard Game

Well done Jenny, it is very important to get residents talking, even if it is by themselves or in teams. We find it is hard to get a word out of some of the residents because they are shy, don't want the others to hear them say something wrong, or just do not want to take part. Really, one of the reasons that they attend such a Senior Care facility is to get them out of themselves.
Good luck with your efforts,

Owen 31st Mar 2019 Retired

Left-Handers Game

Yes, I agree that it is good for our brains as well. Many would achieve improvement in their memory by taking notice of this remark too.
Get to be a "leftie".

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Owen 26th Mar 2019 Retired

Left-Handers Game

As a Scout I like to follow the lead of our founder Lord Baden-Powell and shake hands left-handed with other Scouts as well as using my left hand as far as I can for most normal activities. I am becoming better at using my left hand for many things like batting at playing cricket, golf, baseball, as well as throwing games like quoits, skittles, marbles, bowls and so on. Writing is one thing I have yet to master. But Baden-Powell was so ambi-dexterous he could write, draw, paint and do everything with both hands equally as well. It is really something to aim at in case you lose the use of your right hand through a stroke, an accident, or whatever. Plan ahead.
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Owen 19th Mar 2019 Retired

Memory Tray

Congratulations to Liza and Fernanda.
We do this one in Scouting. It is called Kim's Game and was invented by Baden-Powell from the work of Rudyard Kipling. If you read "Kim" by Rudyard Kipling Chapter 9 you will learn what Kim's Game is. Baden-Powell thought that it was a splendid game for developing observation in Boy Scouts. There are many forms and it can be developed for Seniors with memory deficits, even dementia. See any Scout manual and it will be part of a Scouting activity.

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Owen 17th Mar 2019 Retired

Train Your Brain Tangram Puzzle

Here is a steal from The Scout Movement where the activity is called "Kim's Game. Baden-Powell was a great friend of Rudyard Kipling and if you read Kipling's book "Kim" you will learn what "Kim's Game" is and how developed the game for Scouts to develop their memories. It is a good game for Seniors to develop their memories, particularly for those with dementia. There are numerous forms of "Kim's Game" in Scouting books so perhaps Golden Carers Activity Team can come up with a similar activity for Seniors. I can help from my experience in Scouting if that would be of any assistance.
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