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Owen 21st Aug 2019 Retired

Quirky Quiz - Powerpoint

Quirky Quizzes
I gathered the Quirky Quiz questions from many places, mostly from the various Golden Carers sites, and converted some of the more newsy statements into querty quiz question form, putting up to 30 of them into a one A4 page question numbered list with answer format that could be used as a Quirky Quiz session or time filler. There are many words with double meanings or which can be pronounced differently with a change of one or two letters that can be made into a querty question. I will convert what I have done into PDF from Publisher for you since you are interested.
Owen 8th Aug 2019 Retired

Winter Campfire

Scouting and Guiding have a lot to give to Age Concern residents so it is good to know your talents are not being wasted. Make use of your training in both of these organisations for the benefit of the elderly which is always greatly appreciated, Songs, games, stunts, campfires, all can be adapted to the age group and loved. Take my word for it,
Life member Scouts New Zealand
(and still keeping on at 89,5 Years Of Age)
Owen 31st Jul 2019 Retired

Winter Campfire

A great idea from your Girl Guide days Joanne. As a Life Member of Scouts New Zealand I am introducing Scouting songs to our group as well with Ging Gang Goolie being caught on to be one of their favourites. They just cannot get it out of their minds.

I am sure that many former Scouts and Guides have a lot to give to their groups as many of their residents will have been in these organisations as well.

Owen 28th Jul 2019 Retired

Space Travel Quiz

Like everything else in life, the moon landing with Neil Armstrong saying his famous words "A small step for man, a giant leap for mankind." comes and goes but it will never be forgotten. Quizzes and activities to remember this occasion can be used for a long time yet. My game of making paper planes and flying them to the "moon" was much fun and created great enjoyment for our residents. I hope it will be posted on the Golden Carers site for all to enjoy. Look out for it.
Owen 26th Jul 2019 Retired

Paper Moon Rockets Game

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Landing on the moon
Owen 28th Jun 2019 Retired

Quirky Quiz - Powerpoint

My fellow residents loved these Quirky Quizzes which I collected from your Golden Carers site and made up some of my own, The very Seniors especially managed to think outside the square and come up with some good alternative answers as well as the right ones.
Good show
Owen 20th Jun 2019 Retired

D Day Invasion Quiz

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: D Day Invasion Quiz
Owen 17th Jun 2019 Retired

Funny Short Stories #1

Great funnies, Can we have some more please. Owen
Owen 11th Jun 2019 Retired

The Role of Leisure & Health Staff in Falls Prevention

Our staff at The Redwood Club in Wellington NZ insist that I use a walking frame when moving around as I am prone to falling, mostly because I have a balancing problem. Any ideas for help are always welcome and I read with interest the article above, most of which are common sense although carrying them through is sometimes hard.
I do appreciate help to stand up from a chair or walking up and down steps and playing some games at the club requires a friendly helper standing close by. But most people are mindful of when I need support and for this I am appreciative of their willingness to drop what they are doing to lend a hand. Thank you to the other residents and staff. Owen.
Owen 9th Jun 2019 Retired


We had a special D Day Invasion Quiz which was very interesting to the residents and D Day remembrance was mentioned in our Grace before the meal. I have forwarded the Quiz to Golden Carers to share it with everybody.