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Owen 1st Sep 2020 Retired

It Happened in October Quiz

I am constantly amazed at the amount of new jokes, comments, activities and relevant material that keeps appearing in the pages of "This Month" every month. In fact there is usually no trouble to find appropriate games, quizzes, jokes and games to suit the monthly occasion every month for our Seniors. I have often thought of sending you something but usually you have already posted it, or a similar example. Our Thursday Group are never short of new quizzes, interesting activities, and games, or other programme fillers so please keep up the good work.
Owen Rodgers
Life Member Scouts New Zealand
Owen 29th Feb 2020 Retired

Leap Year Facts and Trivia

There seem to be riddles, poems, catchy sayings or just plain verses for most dates and other items to remember . How about posting some of these please?
Owen 27th Feb 2020 Retired

Tin can Shoot 'em Up

What a great game is this Tin Can "Shoot em up". I adapted the instructions to suit our conditions and equipment for a trial run today at The Redwood Club in Tawa, Wellington. The game was so popular that residents, staff and relations who were present took to it with great gusto and want to use it more next week. The gun was putchased at our local Toy World shop and the paper cups from our local supermarket. The attraction exceeded all expedations by far. I can only reccommend all Senior such clubs to give it a trial. You will not be disappointed'
Owen 7th Feb 2020 Retired

Guess the Celebrity

Well done Gillian of Canada. I can appreciate the amount of research that went into putting together this power point. And I also cogratulate you on having the initiave to think of it for the use of others logging in to Golden Carers. I shall certainly try it out myself on my fellow group at Tawa Redwood Club in New Zealand.
Owen 21st Jan 2020 Retired

Leap Year Facts and Trivia

How I was taught to remember Leap Year:
Owen 13th Dec 2019 Retired

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Golf Backboard
Owen 9th Dec 2019 Retired


We play golf putting on the carpet at The Redwood Club in Tawa Wellington NZ. The back board is easy to make or usually can be purchased. Great fun for left or right habders.
Owen 19th Nov 2019 Retired

Match the Brand Name to it's Logo

What a good test off memory but it is a pity you did not supply the answers as I have never heard of many of them
Owen 23rd Oct 2019 Retired

American Football or Soccer?

I say again that Soccer is one of many forms of football or footy, just as American football, Rugby Union, Rugby League, and others are. Actually those responsible for insisting that football is Soccer are correct but to rename Soccer as Football only are misusing the word. Let's all call the game Soccer and avoid the confusion with the other forms of Football
Owen 16th Oct 2019 Retired


Croquet sounds an interesting game to get our residents up and active so I am exploring making the hoop from your instructions and acquiring a club as well but need some guidance on how the game is played. We have a carpeted area to play it on and some Bocci balls to use but how is scoring made. I would like some guidance on the proceedure please.
Redwood at Tawa, NZ