Guess the Word Whiteboard Game

Guess the Word Whiteboard Game

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Ann 11th Jan 2022 HCA
This is a great idea. I will certainly try it out this week. Thank you
Monica 16th Jun 2021 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
We play this game, however it is not as involved.
We just pick a word, it could be a person place or thing and put marks on the board (------) for however many letters or numbers there are and the resies have to guess the letters to spell out the word.
The only rule is that they are not allowed to go ABCDE and so on. That spoils the fun and the game is over too quick.
The resies actually love it.
Another word game we have is Build a Word which is simply choosing a long complicated word and find as many words as you can from it. The good thing about this game is that often when you find one word you find another word within it. And you can only use the letters provided.
Also we play a game where the resies pick a letter from the alphabet and they have to find as many words as they can from it, this one creates a lot laughs because some people want to put inappropriate words in. Our record so far is 416 with the letter T.
Julie 16th Sep 2020 Activities Co -ordinator
I have started a Hangman & Music Idea, which has gone down really well.. I ask each resident to write or tell me a piece of music they enjoy. Then on the whiteboard I write the artist/ group in Hangman style, then underneath that again in hangman style, the title of the piece of music.
Once they have guessed I play the piece of music.

All great fun, especially when they guess the song first, and they try and remember the artist...
Owen 5th Apr 2019 Retired
Well done Jenny, it is very important to get residents talking, even if it is by themselves or in teams. We find it is hard to get a word out of some of the residents because they are shy, don't want the others to hear them say something wrong, or just do not want to take part. Really, one of the reasons that they attend such a Senior Care facility is to get them out of themselves.
Good luck with your efforts,

Jenny 5th Apr 2019 Volunteer
This is very similar to hangman. I generally ask each member of the group to write down 1 word, more than 5 letters if possible, and relating to a particular topic, such as Autumn, Spring, beach for example, and then use the whiteboard to hang the man. Each person takes it in turn to call out a letter and see if they can solve the clue. They are each guaranteed to know one of the words! If there are a lot of people they play in teams. I prefer to have teams so people can talk to each other about the topic.
Sherry 12th Mar 2019 Activity Director
I use the white board and just make the black outline (in a square shape) of the number of letters, in the word. Give the residents a hint, with the first letter. It is easier than dealing with the black paper. This is a good activity. Thank you Owen

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Owen 12th Mar 2019 Retired
Quite a good alternative Sherry. All our residents were excited when each letter was uncovered one by one. But there are other alternatives, each one being exciting and fun for the oldies. Thanks for the comment.

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Talita 11th Mar 2019
This is a great activity Owen! Thanks for sharing.
Owen 9th Mar 2019 Retired
Thanks for accepting the white board guess the word activity game I sent. I hope many groups will try it out on their residents and find it interesting as our group did. I will be interested to get all comments.