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Sherry 2nd Sep 2019 Activity Director

Water Anagram

My residents love all of the exercises this site provides. Keep doing good work.

Activity Director
Sherry 18th May 2019 Activity Director

Chair Exercises

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Chair Exercises
Sherry 30th Apr 2019 Activity Director


I wanted to correct my original message, regarding white board activities. When we play a "Wheel of Fortune" type of game. I make large boxes, on the white board, with the black marker pen (for the blank letters to go in). I am picking a word. I don't use the black paper, too much work. I then ask the residents, do you want me to fill in one letter (into the blank box) or would you like a clue? They usually take the clue, because it gives them some idea, what category the word may be in. I let them know if it is tangable or intanagable. Some are better at it, then others, but they all enjoy it and laugh. Thanks to all that use this site and make it easier for the Activity Directors or caregivers.

Sherry 21st Apr 2019 Activity Director


Thank you Molly,

I have used the proverbs, but will print out the animal idioms. I know have a large binder, filled with many different cognitive activities. We are all helping one another, by all of these great suggestions. My residents really look forward to the time they have with me.

Sherry 6th Apr 2019 Activity Director


Greetings from Laguna Woods, California,

I am using the white board now, with great success. I print a long word, at the top and my residents continue to make other words, from the letters in the long word. They can either have a clue to the word, or one letter, in the word. They usually take the clue. We usually fill the board with about 35 different words. They really concentrate on this exercise and we laugh a lot. Thank you for all you do, on this site.

Sherry Chivas
Activity Director
Sherry 20th Mar 2019 Activity Director


Spot The Difference exercise is too difficult for residents that have dementia. The attention span is not there, plus their vision is not at 100%. I am looking for more cognitive exercises like; Which One Is Different or the riddles, where each person in a group of four can have a chance at the answer and call it out, when it is their turn. I traverse three different board and care homes, three days a week, as the Activity Director. I print out, from you site, cognitive work, that as an individual, they can answer. They don't get any paper work, other than the songs we sing. Those I print in big font, put them in a plastic sleeve, for each resident. All my residents have some form of dementia. Thank you for your site and I am sure we call all help each other. Sherry C.
Sherry 12th Mar 2019 Activity Director

Guess the Word Whiteboard Game

I use the white board and just make the black outline (in a square shape) of the number of letters, in the word. Give the residents a hint, with the first letter. It is easier than dealing with the black paper. This is a good activity. Thank you Owen

Laguna Woods, California
Sherry 23rd Jan 2019 Activity Director

How to Run Group Exercise Sessions for the Elderly

I teach chair exercises for three homes, three days a week. Each session is 20 minutes All that can participate, love it. We start with Yoga warmups, then start with the head, neck, arms, core, bending over, for the lower back, kicks, ankles and they circles, with legs extended. This is a B & B session, working on their bodies first, then their brains. They also love being challenged by the cognitive exercises and use many from this site. We wrap with stories from the "Chicken Soup" books and I make sure, I speak with each resident, individually. It is a win/win session.

York Retirement, Southern Orange County, California
Sherry 15th Jan 2019 Activity Director


Greetings to other members of this site,

I am fairly new here, but as an Activity Director, for three senior homes, I love all of the activities and exercises. My residents perform 20 minutes of chair exercises, then we use the cognitive activities, from this site, then stories from the "Chicken Soup For The Soul" books. It is a win/win time for me and the residents. I am an Independent Contractor in this position and the only true entertainment they have. This site is the best.