Chair Exercises

Chair Exercises

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Providence 4th Jun 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator
We actually tell a story, that incorporates chair exercises. e.g.
Resident picks a place to "walk "to that also has a lake. We walk to the lake then after the count of 3 we have a short "run" Arriving, we get into a row boat and sing the song. The boat capsizes, so we sink or swim! Swimming first, then for those who cant swim, doggy paddle and for those who cant do either, put your hand up and say : help" We get back to the edge of the water, get our bikes that someone has kindly left there and go home for morning tea. Finish off with singing and do the actions to the chicken dance in the chair, joke of the day and the activity is always full of fun and laughter.
Jane 20th Jul 2019 Activity Director
Providence, what a creative & fun way to do exercises! Thanks for sharing; I can't wait to try this with my residents.
Susan 21st Jul 2019 Activity Director
I agree this is a great idea and I have tried doing this with the residents
It is especially good for those who are reluctant to exercise

This is also a good exercise group for seniors
Gaylene 31st May 2019 Activities Co-ordinator
We do the macarena to music and I have printed out the movements.
Loads of laughs.
Wendy 28th May 2019 Recreation Director
This is fantastic! Thank you. Can you suggest any other chair exercises?
Solange 29th May 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Wendy, you could try some movements of Tai Chi, here are a few very simple exercises
(good for arthritis) you may consider incorporating into your routine:
1) Flat feet on the floor, hands on knees.
2) Bring both hands slowly to the chest, palms away from you (as if you were going to push something away.
3) Then, close hands into fists and release. Do it 10 times.
4) Repeat number 2 above and this time slowly push hands away from you (as if you are pushing something away from you). Do it 7 times.
5) Place hands on knees and slowly open your arms as if you are going to hug somebody. Do it 7 times.
Katy 23rd May 2019 Lifestyle Worker
I find the chair exercises are ideal for residents who have a larger range of motion. My concern was for our other less mobile residents just sitting there not being able to participate. I came up with a Move your Body class which is done in a circle and begins with a balloon tennis warm up, bean bag toss before moving into more mainstream exercises. This way, most of the residents in the group can participate.
Claire 20th May 2019 Lifestyle Supervisor
This would be a good movement for our people