Finish the Nursery Rhymes

Finish the Nursery Rhymes

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Talita 8th Feb 2019
Owen, you always put a smile on my face!
Owen 6th Feb 2019 Retired
I love the site and sharing ideas with others. At our Seniors Club meetings at Tawa in Wellington, New Zealand we have a cooked midday meal before which I say the grace. As a Scout, I sometimes use the Scout Grace of "For health and strength and daily food we give you thanks O Lord, for fellowship and all things good we praise your name O Lord.' But I like to ring the changes and spring new ones on the residents. There are many on the internet but if anyone has something different maybe a site could be started on Golden Careers. Let's commence one by using the schoolboy grace of "Two, four, six, eight, bog in don't wait."
Owen, who is always ready to try some more.
Owen 1st Feb 2019 Retired
We have used this one ourselves and found some residents had not heard of a number of the nursery rhymes. Perhaps their childhood was not complete. What a pity! However they all enjoyed hearing them and even loved singing a number of the rhymes. Try the game everyone you may enjoy it too.

Owen 28th Jan 2019 Retired
My training as a Scout Leader does have some use for thinking of new ideas, not just for developing new activities for Boy Scouts. Glad to know this one is of use to others and am pleased to share it on this wonderful site.

Owen, Life Member, Scouts New Zealand
Owen 28th Jan 2019 Retired
Good to hear that this activity is one which others find useful. Golden Carers is a great site for new activities as well as sharing your successes with others. There is no end to useful activities for Seniors so keep it up.

Diane 28th Jan 2019 Activities Person
This looks like a good activities for our ladies and gentlemen.
Talita 27th Jan 2019
Another great activity Owen, thank you for sharing!