Paper Moon Rockets Game

Paper Moon Rockets Game

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We have celebrated this wonderful event by making paper darts or planes to represent moon rockets as attached and launching each residents’ dart in turn at a symbol on the floor, a few feet away, to represent the moon.

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Owen 5th Oct 2019 Retired
Glad to know others found the activity of Landing on the moon with paper rockets great fun by both men and women. Pleased to be able to share it with everyone.

If others have good ideas for time currant or relevant activities please forward them so we can all share in the fun and games.
Susan 2nd Oct 2019 Activity Director
Thanks for your ideas Linda
Linda 1st Oct 2019 Manager
We did this activity with our mens group and they all loved it. Making the planes in the morning using different coloured paper or coloring them in if they used white paper. In the afternoon we had a competion to see how far each persons could fly. Lots of fun and laughter.
Susan 30th Jul 2019 Activity Director
Great idea Owen