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Robyn 1st Nov 2018 Healthy Ageing Advocate
Hi All!

I have just started in a different building/section of our Aged Care Residential facility - filling a temporary need. This program could be viewed as a great opportunity!
Ninety five percent of the resources (including systems and staff) previously used have moved to a newly built section - along with all of the previous residents.
The role has several dimensions delivered on both the ground floor and first floor.
One floor has short stay clients (several days to a week) and the other floor will have around 20 'permanent' residents - we have about 12 already. The plan is for the 20 'permanent' people to move elsewhere as soon as renovations are completed elsewhere for them. Our little group has a lot of variation from younger residents to frail elderly. There is also a lot of differing ethnicity in the group.

Little funding is being provided for this situation and my hours limited to finishing just after lunch time. I am pretty much the only lifestyle staff member - however there is good support available.

My questions are :
Does anyone have suggestions on how to run a start up program something like this.
How to run group sessions with all of the above in mind.
Any suggestions on how to ask for support as care staff are all working very hard, or suggestions on how to rearrange the dynamics so that all concerned can work together as a great team.

Thank you so much. Any help would be appreciated.
Solange 2nd Nov 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Robin
One way I might have done; divide the 20 residents into two groups and have a volunteer to help out. Also, activities such as reminiscing would be interesting with the ethnic residents. For instance 'School Days' to compare the differences between countries. Sensory stimulation is suitable for a mixed group, from frail to high functional residents. Ball and balloon games are usually very popular with residents of all ages. Here are a couple of links. All the best!

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