This is a wonderful game designed to improve dexterity, foster social skills, and create a warm atmosphere of reminiscence. It can be adapted to any occasion! Residents will enjoy reminiscing and sharing stories.
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This is a wonderful game designed to improve dexterity, foster social skills, and create a warm atmosphere of reminiscence. It can be adapted to any occasion! Residents will enjoy reminiscing and sharing stories.


  • A4 paper for printing
  • Colorful construction paper (prepare 24 cards for a group of 8, adjust for larger groups)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black marker


  • Download the provided "School Day" questions or create your own.
  • Have participants cut out all the questions and headings.
  • Divide cardstock into appropriately sized cards (e.g., 6 x 2 inches or 15  x 5 cm). 
  • Ask participants to glue the questions to one side and the headings to the other side.
  • Laminating the cards is optional.

How to Play:

  • Distribute one card to each participant, placing them face down in front of each person.
  • Ask the first participant to flip their card over and read the question aloud.  If they don't have an answer or it does not apply to them, invite others to answer.
  • Allow a few minutes for the group to engage in discussions, share related stories, and reminisce about their school days.
  • Continue with the next person, and repeat the process until everyone has had a turn.
  • Collect the cards and distribute new ones to keep the conversation going.
  • After the game ask participants if they know any songs or poems about the topic.

For instance, on World Teachers' Day, share a poem about teachers and check if anyone remembers songs like "Another Brick in the Wall" from the 1970s. You can even involve a couple of nurses to join the group for a few minutes of singing together.

Sample Questions for 'School Days' Reminiscing Cards:

  • Did your school use the cane as a form of discipline?
  • Did you wear a uniform to school?
  • What did you call your teacher?
  • Did your school have class photos taken?
  • Did you prefer using a pencil or a pen for writing?
  • Did you have to sit for exams?
  • Were you ever called to the Principal's office?
  • How did you learn your Times Tables?
  • Did your school have any bullies?
  • How much homework did you have?
  • Did you have fond memories of your teachers?
  • What was your favorite subject?
  • Did you go on field trips or excursions?
  • Did you have a lot of friends in school?
  • Did your teacher ever visit your parents?
  • Did you have to memorize and recite poems?
  • Did your school have a sandpit in the yard?
  • Did you receive free milk at school?

Feel free to customize the questions to suit your group's preferences and cultural background, ensuring an enjoyable and nostalgic experience for all participants.

We'd love to hear your feedback!

Files included:

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School Days Reminiscing Cards

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sheila 26th Mar 2024
We had a very positive turnout, everyone was engaging and it became a fun activity with customers really enjoying the interaction.
Fiona 12th Jan 2021 Lead Care/ Activity Co Ord
Great! used this for a whole day's themed session. As always we decorate the whole centre on these days and the staff dress up. We provided school ties and school hats to our clients for the day and had typical School diner lunch, reminiscing in the morning and physical school games in the afternoon; marbles, hula hoop, french skipping, floor noughts and crosses the list goes on. A FUN day had by all.
Susan 13th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Thanks for sharing your kind words Fiona
Sara 3rd Sep 2019
this was a huge hit, which surprised me as the residents did and still love any reminiscence activities so i figured it would be just the same level of enthusiasm, BUT no! they came alive so i am running with their love of chatting about school days and incorporating it into the sept bulletin board
Talita 9th Sep 2019
Thanks so much for your feedback Sara, what a great result!
Mallory 20th Jun 2019 Director of Elements
I have recently made these for care staff/nurses to do with the residents over the night shifts so they have a chance to bond and I made them on large postcards with big pictures on one side and the question on the other side. I love this list of questions!
Talita 24th Jun 2019
What a great idea Mallory. Thank you for your feedback!
Nancy Brown 7th Jan 2019
The played School Days at my mom's assisted living center and the residents just loved it. They didn't need much help, they just set around the big table and talked for hours. It was so much fun to hear their stories.
Talita 12th Jan 2019
Thank you so much for your feedback Nancy!
Angela 12th May 2018 Recreational Therapist
Tried this with our residents and they really enjoyed it.
Talita 13th May 2018
That's lovely to hear, thanks for letting us know Angela!
Latrica Hudson 2nd May 2018
Just tries this as a last minute things. Was asked to do reminiscing for the activity director and don't wanna just look through the newspaper or magazine trying to come up with something. So I googled up and this was my first stop. Used what I had on hand to so the cards. Just cut the manilla folders and used a color marker for the letters. In 25mins. I was done and I have to say that the residents loved it. One resident who doesn't normally come to activities heard all the fun and questions that were going on and had to come see and joined us. The stories that came with those questions where hilarious. They really enjoyed it. Can't wait til next week. Were trying another theme. Thanks again.
Talita 6th May 2018
Thanks so much for your feedback Latricia, this is so lovely to hear!
Luiza 7th Mar 2018 Activitie Coordinator
we did this activity couple month back.I was a bit busy so I only printed those questions on a paper,cut them and put it into a box.Then each resident just closed eyes and pull their question and had to answer.Then other residents would join and answer the same question,some nurses joined too.The day was full of laughter.Brilliant activity
Talita 10th Mar 2018
Thanks so much for your feedback Luiza, that's lovely to hear!
Lesley Jane 19th Jan 2017 Activities Coordinator
I did this activity with my residents on Monday. Three ladies helped me cut the card and questions and happily stuck down with the glue whilst having humerous chat. We then went into the lounge and everyone took part in answering the questions about their school days and I let my residents know about my stories too. The activity was popular with us all.
Gaylene 27th Jun 2016 Activities Co-ordinator
We had a wonderful time with this activity.
It turned into a times table quiz and I was amazed how good they were.
Talita 27th Jun 2016
Thanks for the feedback Gaylene!
Satomi 14th May 2015 Carer / Activity Coordinator
Thanks for making easier to prepare and conduct for "School Days" reminiscing activity. As I wasn't educated in Australia, I was a bit uncertain what kind of questions were appropriate. Now, I can use the cards. At reminiscing time, I usually listen 95% and talk 5%. With this 5% talking, I may be able to explain the difference between Australia and Japan (as I came from Japan). Satomi
Talita 27th Jun 2016
Thank you so much for your feedback Satomi - I'm so glad you found the cards helpful.
Kymberly 22nd Aug 2014 Activities Coordinator
This is something i do every week and residents love it. Putting it on the cards is a great idea. Thanks
Linda 6th Aug 2014 Diversional Therapist
Me again we made and played the school days, everyone loved it even the staff joined in, we then made "Jobs for Us" and also have now made "Our Lives", it is a great reminiscing tool and creates lots of interaction.
Linda 29th Jul 2014 Diversional Therapist
You could do similar with "going to work"
Mallory 3rd Sep 2019
I’ve made multiple sets now. I did the school, professional life, growing up, being a kid, being an adult, etc. once you start thinking about it, it gets fun and easier!! One group included the question, what’s the worst gift you have ever received? That one was a blast!!!
Patricia 1st Jul 2014 Co Ordinator
Our clients enjoyed this today, it was so funny & truly a morning we will not forget for a long time! Certainly was making memories!
anne 12th Mar 2014 Recreational Activities Officer
What a lovely morning we had reminiscing about the old school days - it took us on such a wonderful journey.
Lynne 29th Sep 2013 Lifestyle Assistant
Would this be suitable for dementia residents, as I find too many questions confuse them. If someone has tried this out with success, please reply.
Bob 8th Sep 2013 RAO
I tried this with my Men Group and usually they just sit there. This idea got them chatting immensely.
Thanks For This :)
Solange 9th Oct 2012 Diversional Therapist
Hi Shirley, I hope your clients have as much fun as mine.
Shirley 8th Oct 2012 Recreation Officer
Our residents enjoyed helping me make these cards today and we look forward to using them next week, many thanks - Shirley NSW
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