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Susan 19th Nov 2018 Activity Director
I know world kindness day just passed but it got me to thinking about how residents and staff could be unkind and not even intentionally so if you sense that a resident feelings have been hurt it's a good idea to have an impromptu kindness group or you could even have it as part of another activity

Have a discussion about what it means to be kind and maybe read some kindness poem discuss them and maybe make up your own or have the residents help you make them up

This not only will help residents think about being kind but it's a good creative activity as well
Talita 20th Nov 2018
Thanks Susan, this is a lovely reminder
Molly 10th Dec 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Susan, I read the poem you shared from Golden Carers and found it to be such a wonderful reminder to bring kindness into our everyday. Thank you for sharing!

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