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Tiffany 22nd Nov 2018 DIrector of Operations
HELP! I just started working at a new facility that has 3 different storage areas for my department plus I have a large office I can also use for storage. The spaces are currently a disorganized mess which makes it incredibly difficult for myself and my staff to know what we have for equipment/materials and efficiently get needed supplies for activties. Does anyone have any suggestions for ways they keep their storage areas organized but still functional? Just to give a little more detail the basement storage area is primarily holiday decorations, I have a small storage closet for my memory care unit, and a larger general activities storage room where majority of my games/materials are currently being stored.
Molly 23rd Nov 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Hey Tiffany, never too much storage. But you are right when it is disorganized you miss out on so much. Maybe you can have an inventory day? Bring all of the stuff out and put it into piles around the activities room. Then buy storage bins (the plastic kind you can get for $5 at Wal-mart) and label everything. We would always keep our Holiday stuff downstairs and bring it up when we need them. And the arts and crafts or general items we would keep upstairs so we have them on hand. You could even put the residents to work on this one and could even be a lot of fun if you play some sing-along songs and have good snacks on hand for those who just want to watch!
Susan 23rd Nov 2018 Activity Director
I am not a great organizer but I had some people who were the only thing is you need to be with them so you know where everything is being put
Molly has some great ideas too
Solange 23rd Nov 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Tiffany. One thing we did was to have a handyman to install hanging space
in the ceiling using dowels (arm height). This way we could hang light items on plastic bags (using garden hooks) like light craft stuff, costumes, hats, and scrap/fabric paper. The hanging dowels were positioned away from the walls so that they were kept free for cupboards and shelves.
Tiffany 24th Nov 2018
Thank you all so much for your suggestions! I will definitely put them to good use!

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