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Nicola 22nd Nov 2018 Activity Co Ordinator
Hiya, I’m am just trying to organise the Christmas party at work and I have been asked to make a poster. I am really struggling with this and my poster looks like my 5 year old son made it. I don’t suppose anyone has a poster that I can edit? Would be eternally great full. Thank you
Molly 23rd Nov 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Susan 23rd Nov 2018 Activity Director
I do not have a flyer but you can look online or you can use one that they have on: Golden Carers or you can use the free clipart they have for Christmas and just arrange them on the paper of the way you want here is the Golden Carers
Here is something online that you may or may not have to pay for mayor may not be a pain in the neck but you decide
Here is a place to find free Christma clip art
Catalina M 23rd Nov 2018 Activity Director
Molly, thank you so much for sharing your ideas.

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