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Susan 26th Nov 2018 Activity Director
For your new years celebration use the suggestions here
We used many of these ideas
In addition will you would use a beach ball and have a resident hold it over their head and hold onto it while we counted from 10 to 0 and then said happy new year
I have a special entertainer unless the weather was bad but we would have our party with the entertainer or not
Before the party we would make noise makers
Before of the toast which I made homemade champagne with diet soda and juice
We would give glass of juice to each resident and one we got to zero we would hold the glass up and say happy new year everyone would drink their juice and then they would shake their noisemakers
We would invite family members to join us they seem to enjoy the celebration
The room was packed but there were still some resident who could not come so we would go to their room and drink a glass of fake champagne and give them a noise maker and say happy new year to them
They really enjoyed this
Talita 29th Nov 2018
Love these ideas, thank so much for sharing Susan!
BrandyAnn 30th Nov 2018 Resident Services Coordinator
Love this! Especially the fake champagne as we are a dry community.
Molly 3rd Dec 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
This is great, Susan! Thank you so much for sharing such great ideas!
Alyce 30th Dec 2021 Retired
thanks for this great idea...have about 50 senior citizens and will do this! sounds like fun!

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