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Robyn 29th Nov 2018 Healthy Ageing Advocate
Hi Guys, can I please ask for some ideas?
I work in a Nursing Home where a good deal of the clients are unwell elderly who have been discharged from a hospital and are awaiting a placement for permanent care in a residential facility.
They stay with us for a day or two or possibly up to three weeks. ie their stay with us is short and unknown.
We have limited funding so I need to be creative. If I leave resources around it gets dispersed to different ward rooms or gets tucked away in a walking frame (never to be seen again!) eg knitting wool and needles, jigsaw puzzle box, game of scrabble, colouring in pencils...
I can set some activities up (eg a jigsaw) but the clients use the dining tables for meals so these resources get packed up quickly and put aside anywhere. We have single lounge chairs and TV and DVD's for an afternoon movie or concert.
I'm only on duty of a morning, and the expectation is for me to be working across several floors. (I'm the only Lifestyle staff member.)

Any ideas area more than welcome.
Thank you
Molly 3rd Dec 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Robyn,

Maybe make a set of pre-made kits for each resident that includes things like printable crosswords, adult-suitable coloring pages, a book or magazine, riddles, and trivia games. You can print these in bulk and have them pre-made for every new resident.

Word Searches:
Word Games:
This Day in History:
Short Stories:
Hidden Objects:

Robyn 3rd Dec 2018 Healthy Ageing Advocate
Hi Molly that sounds like a good idea. It might take a working- bee with a volunteer or something but it sounds like a good place to start. Thanks heaps Robyn
Kim 4th Dec 2018 Registered Nurse
You could try making some jigsaw boards, that way you don't have to pack away each meal time. 3 ply plywood with a small timber beading around the edge.600 x 900 would be suitable. they can even sit at their chair and do them. Good luck.

Can you try to enlist some volunteers to assist you. you could try the local churches, seniors groups or men's shed.
karen 4th Dec 2018 Activities Officer
Hi Robyn, on a slightly practical note. Have you seen a job description for your position?. Your manager should have this. You need to have the chat about what is expected otherwise it can be all consuming and really overwhelming. I have worked as an AO for over 15 years and a school teacher before that. AO's need to be organised but have an idea where they are heading with residents and activities. You will also need support from staff and management.Good luck and be prepared to ask.
AO Amaroo Aged Care
Robyn 5th Dec 2018 Healthy Ageing Advocate
Thank you both Kim and Karen.
In answer to Karen's question - duty statements have been created but not JD. Ongoing discussion with management and a frustrating work env. Thank you for reiterating though, its good to read external input and way of putting matters.
Thanks, Cheers

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