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Bryony 2nd Dec 2018 Activities Coordinator
Good afternoon,
I am looking for advice regarding residents access to computers and technology in my care home. we have a wifi password for guests and residents to access but i am wanting to improve the free access residents have to technology i have one lady who misses doing her internet banking and checking her facebook account. she can not an ipad because her fingers don't respond well on the screen. i want to put a proposal forward to the management and the owners of the home asking for a computer area to be set up in a communal area of the home.
Help please any information you can help me with i've tried searching CQC website for an article i can use as evidence that they look for this on inspections. (not had much luck) or is there a Golden Carers guild i can use.
any help will be great. thankyou x
Solange 3rd Dec 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Bryony. You are quite right; care homes residents living with dementia need cognitively and enjoyable activities that the computer can offer. Although I also don't know any facility with a room designated to computers (which is a great idea) I have heard that computer activity program (CAP) is getting popular. Most are in the format of 10 or 12-week courses for mild or moderate dementia residents. Participants are assisted to match computer activities with their own interests and cognitive abilities. The way they do it is by setting up a computer in a quiet room and having individuals to attend a 30 minutes orientation session. Here is a link to a feasibility study on the perceived benefits of computer programs in care facilities.
Bryony 4th Dec 2018
thankyou x
Molly 10th Dec 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
Thank you, Solange, for the study link! I love that there is evidence to show the need for a computer activity program. Bryony, I'm glad you brought up this topic - It is an important one that many of us in activities try to incorporate but without the proper resources it is difficult! I'd love to hear how your proposal to the administration goes!

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