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Melva 11th Jan 2019 Activity Director
Any ideas for an introverted lady that is vision and hearing impaired. She has rejected all of my ideas. Was a medical secretary, one daughter and no hobbies.
Molly 13th Jan 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Melva, it is so kind of you to look for ways to engage her! I worked with a woman in a similar situation, and by chance found that if we put unfolded things near her, she would fold and seemed to enjoy it. I found that giving her tasks was the best way to engage her in her surroundings. Maybe try giving her a basket of clothing to fold? Or a sensory board/station that she could access? I'm interested to hear others thoughts on this as well!
Melva 13th Jan 2019 Activity Director
Thanks, Molly I will try these ideas.
Nancy 15th Jan 2019 CB Program Coordinator
Hi Melva , for the hearing impaired have you tried pocket talkers or headphones, even iPods where the volume can be increased? Sorting things by texture or shape, for example silverware into a flatware bin, hand massages, doing nails or
even trying a collection of essential oils on a cotton ball to guess the different sents. Gathering herbs and flowers for smelling and tasting and some of the Montessori activities for the elderly are wonderful.
Molly 28th Jan 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
I love these Montessori activities idea, Nancy! Thank you for sharing.

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