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Luisa 12th Feb 2019 Home Coordinator
I`m trying to find a risk assessment for a resident that enjoys going out and doing the gardening can any one help thank you.
Solange 13th Feb 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Luisa, risk assessment of activities is necessary to reduce hazards to its possible lowest impact. I don't have a form as yet but here is roughly what should be written in, for instance, a 'Gardening' risk assessment.
*Planting mixture and other soils - possible infections - *Risk - moderate - *Control measures - cover cuts and abrasions on hands and arms. Wear gloves, report anyone having a puncture for a tetanus injection. Wash residents hands and arms thoroughly before offering food and drinks - Risk control likelihood - acceptable - Date & sign__
*Plants dangers - Ingestion, allergic reaction - *Risk - moderate - *Control Measures - wear gloves, group supervision at all times *Risk control likelihood - small - Date & sign _______
*Bees, wasps - insects stings - *Risk - moderate - *Control measures - Antihistamine for Hay Fever sufferers and take advice from clinical staff for a possible history of severe allergy (anaphylaxis) *Risk control likelihood - Acceptable - *Date and sign ___
*Sun exposure - Dehydration, sunburn * Risk - moderate - *Control measures - Apply sunscreen, wear hats, offer drinks at short intervals- *Risk Likelihood - small - *Date & sign______

And so on, and on. Think about what can possibly go wrong with any activity, the worst possible scenario and devise ways to diminish, reduce or control the problem. Good luck!

Susan 14th Feb 2019 Activity Director
Solange those are really good ideas
Solange 14th Feb 2019 Diversional Therapist
Thanks Susan
Luisa 15th Feb 2019 Home Coordinator
Thank you for your help x
Molly 18th Feb 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
This assessement is such a great tool, thank you!
Solange 18th Feb 2019 Diversional Therapist
Thank you, Molly.

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