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Vicki 18th Feb 2019 Leisure & Health Student
Help please

Can anyone please suggest any activities that suited for patients that had a stroke. Can this patient join the others also?

Thanking you in anticipation
Susan 20th Feb 2019 Activity Director
Hi Vicki
This depends on what deficits the resident has from the stroke and how long it has been since this person had the stroke

There can be many deficits from changes in vision to no speech to un able to use his arms or legs or both

Also depends on the goal of this person to engage in activities

You want him to feel good about doing the activity and you want him to be able to do it or come close to being able to do it

It is best to talk to his physical and occupational therapist to see what they think he can do and what he need to work with

FOr example
For poor vision this is an idea on C
Golden Carers
For trouble speaking try these activities suggested on Golden

For trouble using his hands or legs try the suggestions on golden Carers

If you need more suggestions give me some more information about the patient and I will be able to help you further

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