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Catherine 10th Apr 2012 Diversional Therapist
Thank you all for your advice. On our daily program we just list activities in the dementia wing as eg: "Activities" 2pm-3pm, so depending on whats happening on the day we do a few different activities in smaller groups....
Tina 11th Jun 2021 life enrichment manager
Hello I have a dementia client I need some daily ideas.. he does have lost of memory from thing to another he forget what he was doing.. I had him write down some daily things to write down to do to help him remember things. It was a good idea but never did it..he dont xhange his clothes every 3 days he does live with his wife..she knows hes forgetful she tries..ideas somebody has
Susan 11th Jun 2021 Activity Director
Hi Tina
Instead of with you having him write down what he should do you read down and put it in strategic places in his house
If he still couldn’t read which it sounds like he can and he will be able to follow what’s on the card
Make sure to make it simple and break things down so they’re easy to understand
You may also want to have pictures of things to do also
These cards may help you

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