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Sally 26th Feb 2019 Activities Coordinator
Does anyone do Quilling as an activity? At the centre I work we have a couple of clients that are very accomplished but I would also love to teach some of my clients that are beginners or have some level of Dementia. I've seen it done without tools in a very loose fashion. Anyone had any experience of this?
Darla 26th Feb 2019 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Hello Sally, I found a Quilting Book at local store, it provides the basics of the tools to use, and some of the basic patterns to create. I use this book as a discussion, then bring around various textures and quilt backing and lay together on laps for discussion.

With one group more able, we made a Quilt Alphabet and hung it up using thread cord between the letters. We glued the quilted pieces together rather than stitching. I used the pinking shears to put the fabrics.

Happy Quilting.

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