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Natalia 27th Feb 2019 Activity Director
Does anyone have a doll therapy care plan template they are willing to share. I have a resident whom family brought her a doll. Per family she seems to enjoy holding doll and kissing baby. Am not sure if it would be consider doll therapy since it is a child's doll, not the ones used for doll therapy. Any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated.
Thank You
Susan 3rd Mar 2019 Activity Director
Hi Natalia
I do not have a specific Doll therapy care plan
Remember care plans should be individualized so start with the problem statement and how using Doll therapy is going to help thi
Then say what the resident is going to do such as resident's name will engage in or get pleasure from or respond to or whatever happens When they interact with dolls
Say how long this happens and how many times a week they do it
Here are some ideas of others who used doll therapy
Here is some information on how to write a care plan
Let me know if I can be of any more help

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