The documentation process varies from facility to facility but there are usually three important steps to follow.

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gladyz 25th Sep 2018 Recreational Activities
Hi thanks for your help, I would like if you can help me how to write about sensory, sensitive,cognitive and some examples please. Thanks gladyz
Talita 30th Sep 2018
Hi Gladyz,

There are a few care plan samples available here:

Hopefully this helps!
Norma Jean 20th Aug 2018 Activities Director
It's been many years since Ive worked in this field. This website has been my weekly go to for activities and calendar planning. I'm about to try the reports part of the site. I'm thrilled so far and appreciate all of you who share.
Talita 26th Aug 2018
Thank you so much for your feedback Norma Jean, we appreciate it so much!
Ngoc 11th Jan 2018 lifestyle student
I am so happy to come back with Golden carers , my job will be struggling without you
I feel like blessing to get to know this wonderful website
Thank you very much Golden carers,
Hope you all have a wonderful and successful new year.
Talita 14th Jan 2018
Thank you so much Ngoc, wishing a wonderful year too! All the best!
Violet 9th Jan 2018 Activity officer
Hi everyone I am searching online for a course on Activity Officer for the elderly can anybody send me a site or a college that I can use for an online course. thank you..
Joanne 29th Oct 2016
Does anyone use John O'Brien Personal Lifestyle Planning proformas? My Cert IV Leisure and Health course requires me to design activity plans for 3 separate people, using these proformas. I am really struggling with the analysis part, particularly identifying unmet needs.
dorothy 28th Jul 2016 diversional therapist
don't forget the emotional , Cultural and spiritual care plan
Julianne 28th Aug 2014 Activities Officer
Amanda I'm pleased that you are enjoying your course, I'm interested in doing this courses well could you give so information and cost Julianne .
sue 17th Jul 2014 Activities coordinator
Is there a model form to follow for care plans.
I am currently doing my DT papers and careplans are a big part of the first 4 modules.
Amanda 11th Jun 2014 Diversional Therapist
Hi I am currently doing my diploma in Leisure and Health and I think it would be invaluable to everyone who uses this site for references if you could list of the steps that you would use to design a leisure and health program
Solange 11th Jun 2014 Diversional Therapist
Thank you for your feedback Amanda. Yes, it is on our agenda, for the month of July.
Marija 9th May 2014 Recreation Therapist
Us beginners in our work, paperwork is the most difficult part of the job. Your advice and example helps a lot. Thanks a lot!!
Michelle 19th Feb 2014 Recreation Activities Officer
Agree with Maryann, remember the care plan and program must include choices to allow person centred care. Not what the Lifestyle/Activities Team are good at doing or enjoy.
MARYANN 18th Feb 2014 Diversional Therapist/Lifestyle Manager
As a Qualified D.T. can l say congratulation the information you are providing is fantastic - just a reminder to all - LOOK OUTSIDE THE SQUARE but always remember the PERSON - CENTRE PRESON CARE. (Ask the person)
We sometimes forget Community Social Interaction in our programs
Maria 14th Jul 2012
can I have a group program plainning form that includes, Program goal, Program objectives, Description of program Structure of program,Human resources required, Material resourcesevaluation process, Networking for programing planing, Strategies for promoting program, comments. for my cert iv in Leisure & Health.
Janette 28th Sep 2009 PCA
I have nearly completed my Certificate 111 in Aged Care, and for an assignment I have to put together a full care plan for a high care resident coming into a nursing home. The care plan includes bowel chart, wound assessment and management chart, skin assessment & plan, continence assessment, sleep low chart, 3 day bladder and bowel trial, pain record, food and fluid intake chart, family and friends interaction chart, ROD - case management and behaviour charting. I am really struggling to put this together, can anyone help me.
Kind Regards
Janette Walls
my email address is [email protected]
judy 22nd Aug 2009 Gerontologist
hi I have enjoyed checking out the website and it seems great - I wonder if you could help me with how to write up goals and evaluations - a few examples would be great.
Also I cant view the videos??? thanks - judy c