Lyn is unable to communicate verbally due to medical diagnosis. She is bed-fast and her limbs are rigid. She is able to follow one’s gaze by moving her head to the left and right.
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Case Study

Lyn is unable to communicate verbally due to medical diagnosis. She is bed-fast and her limbs are rigid. She is able to follow one’s gaze by moving her head to the left and right.

Her family informed staff that Lyn is able to understand what is said to her but so far there is no confirmation of this fact. Staff has observed that Lyn will look towards where her name was spoken and she has smiled once or twice.

Lyn nods on and off throughout the day and often has to be woken up for meals.

Social & Emotional Care Plan

Resident: Lyn Min
DOB: 03/01/1938
Recorded by: Solange Kindermann
Date of Record: 23/03/2021
Activities Support: Unable to participate in programmed activities
Extra Support: Lyn is totally dependent on staff for all her needs


To provide safe and caring environment.

To ensure spiritual needs are met.

To provide sensorial stimulation suitable to Lyn’s needs.


Staff will visit Lyn for 30 minutes 3 x weekly to talk to her and offer reassurance. They will place themselves in front of her, speak clearly and wait for her to react. They may also read inspiring poems or passages from the bible to her, tidy her dresser and show her photos of her family. Staff will observe Lyn’s body language for clues as to whether she is content.

Lyn will have ‘beauty therapy’ performed by staff at least once a week. This will include brushing her hair, cleansing and moisturizing her face and nail care.

Staff will massage Lyn's hands and/or feet 2 or 3 times a week using essential oils mixture presecribed by the Aromatherapist.

Lyn will have ministers of religion visiting her once or twice a month as her family wishes.

Staff will ensure Lyn’s radio is tuned into a classical music program daily and place the tv directly in front of her in the afternoons to watch the news.

Lyn will be placed in a tub chair daily for a few hours and taken to the veranda to appreciate the sights, sounds and smells coming from the garden.

Lyn will visit a children’s playgroup each month.


Lyn’s family comes twice a week to visit and staff will keep in close contact with them to inform and reassure them in relation to Lyn’s wellbeing. <


Staff will observe Lyn closely to detect emotional upsets. Extra time will be spend with Lyn if she seems anxious or upset.


Every third month.

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Marina 11th Sep 2010 Diversional Therapist I/T
Posted by Marina/September 2010
What about a tropical fish tank, they are interesting to watch and they have lovely bright colours.

Also budgies or canaries are good value. They give our unit a nice homely feeling.
Talita 4th Mar 2010
You may also use the activities in the website under the category
"Sensory" such as 'Beauty Therapy', 'Nail Care', 'Compresses'.
Alternatively you can adapt the 'Scent Guessing' to your aphasic
client. Place scent close to their nose and let them inhale a couple
of times before proceeding with the next scent. Never assume that
there is nothing in their minds just because they are unable to let
you know. Another activity that may stimulate their senses is to have
a wooden board covered with felt; place the board close to them and
place photos of their family on the felt, saying the names of the
people. Stay with each photo at least 20 seconds before continue with
another. Of course, don't underestimate the power of music, ask their
relatives what sort of music they like. Good luck!
lynnette 4th Mar 2010 Recreational Activities Offer
Hi. might I suggest you hang a mobile/suncatcher(making this could be Activity for others) above her ie;fish,horses,flowers,stars,crystels ect. Painting or sticking same on ceiling & surrounding areas within her view.
Talking books to be played for 30 mins (mornings are when most imput is taken in).Do a Textile Activity with her;use scaves & pieces of material with difference textures ie silk, satin, wool, ribbed, furry ect, guide the material under her hands up her arms & around the neck & cheek area.Informing her what you are doing at all times,watch for reaction.
Hope this helps Lynnette
Bawa 27th Feb 2010 recreational therapist
hi, is there any other activity we can do with her if she can't react atall
No Avatar