Resistive Behaviour Care Plan Sample

Resistive Behaviour Care Plan Sample

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John is 84 years old and in the early stages of dementia. He is disoriented of time and place. Prior to residential care, John lived on his own for many years and is used to having his own way.
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Case Study

John is 84 years old and in the early stages of dementia. He is disoriented of time and place.

Prior to residential care, John lived on his own for many years and is used to having his own way. He has been estranged from most of his family for many years but has a niece and a couple of friends who visit him weekly.

He is resistive to medication and ADLs and resents when nurses approach him.

John has a morose personality and despite being able to communicate he often chooses not to; keeping mostly to himself.

John very rarely attends programmed activities but has shown an interest in community outings. Staff invite and encourage John on a daily basis to join small groups of residents for games and conversation but so far he has declined.

His niece informed staff that John is most upset by having to give his 14-year-old dog away.

John is very fond of watching tv and movies.

Social & Emotional Care Plan

Resident: John Sutton
DOB: 20/05/1925
Recorded by: Solange Kindermann
Date of Record: 23/03/2021
Activities Support: Declines all attempts to entice him to attend programmed recreational activities
Community Outings: John enjoys going out and requires assistance to board vehicles.
Extra Support: John will be escorted to shops and medical appointments.
Issues/Strengths: Uncooperative behaviour, resistive to join his peers in programmed activities. John is quite strong and has good dexterity.


Staff will endeavour to find activities that capitalize on John’s strengths (dexterity and fitness). Resistant behaviour will be handled with kindness and compassion.

John will maintain his current abilities.


SOCIAL - John will be invited to social outings such as picnics, sightseeing trips, café and restaurant visits and garden walks. Staff will make John aware of concerts, guest speakers and programmed children’s visits.

John enjoys the company of animals and he will be encouraged to engage with the resident cat.

He will be encouraged to attend recreation activities even if on a passive basis. Staff will try to help John engage with other residents and form friendships.

Staff will encourage John to attend exercises classes every week.

Staff will always inform and encourage John to attend programmed movie screenings.

ONE on ONE - Staff will take extra time to visit and talk to John at least 3 x weekly to give John the opportunity to express his wishes.

He will be offered a hand and/or foot massage with essential oils twice a week.

RELIGIOUS - John is Presbyterian but has expressed that he does not wish to participate in religious services.

FAMILY- John’s niece Eva visits once a week and brings John home cooked cakes and meals. Staff will liaise with her regarding John’s wellbeing.

Staff will make sure John’s friends are welcomed to encourage them to keep visiting.

EMOTIONAL - John is dependent on staff for support when he is frustrated and/or depressed. Staff will console and counsel John offering reassurance and empathising with his feelings.

Evaluation - Quarterly

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Mohini 1st Nov 2020 Lifestyle Officer
Many Many thanks for the information and ideas , it makes our job easier , we are so busy, at times , we don't have time to organise activities , most of the facilities has different settings . Have to do other duties that dose not come under, Lifestyle. Due to corona virus , we are doing , 1-1 activities , 2 staffs only x 60 residents , visit all consumer's , three times per day. May god bless you all , for sharing your ideas . I really appreciate .
Talita 9th Nov 2020
Thank you so much for your feedback Mohini. We are so happy to know that we can support you. It is a busy and demanding role at the best of times but even more so this year - stay strong, and thank you for the work that you do. x
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thanks for all the great information, making my studying so much easier
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That's really wonderful to hear! Thanks Vincenza.
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