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KADISHA 8th Mar 2019 Activity Director
I have been doing activities for about 9 months now. I'm finding it very difficult to get some residents to participate in activities. I've changed a lot of things up too see if I can get them to participate. They will come down if we are having food and that is about it. Any suggestions on what I should do?
Solange 8th Mar 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Kadisha, I understand your frustration. However the more cognitively and functionally dependent residents are, the more critical leisure activities become in their lives. You could try private invitations or start visiting residents on 1:1 basis (when you have the time) to establish what sort of barriers they perceive to attend activities. I would suggest, a ‘sandwich making session’ to attract some residents to help you and meanwhile you can offer a quiz/short story/limericks for the ones not involved with the sandwiches. You may find that the residents making the sandwiches will enjoy the quiz just as much as the others. Also, a meeting with the residents appealing for suggestions may also disclose some activities of choice. Another tactic would be to announce a 'Tournament': carpet bowls, or balloon volleyball. It is always a winner; be enthusiastic and build up their expectation.
Susan 8th Mar 2019 Activity Director
Food is a good idea
What I do is have the activity and then give food out at the end that way the residents have to stay for the activity if they want the food

Bring this up at the resident council meeting to see if you can get some feedback and then act on that

I had a list of things that I would say to the residents if they did not want to come
AnyThing from your family wants you to come to your doctor says you should to the therapist said you should
Also invite their family to come

There will be ian article coming out soon that addresses this very issue Be on the lookout for it

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