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Freya 13th Mar 2019 Activities Therapist
Does anyone have any ideas on how to help a resident living in an LTC facility cope with the loss of a child. In all the years in the field, I've never had a resident lose a child before. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Susan 13th Mar 2019 Activity Director
This article on: Golden Carers might be helpful
Perhaps your city has support groups that your resident can go to to help her express her grief
The worst thing she can do is bottle the grief up
She will be sad for a while but if she expresses her grief completely she should be better in six months to a year
However it is different for everyone
The social worker should be able to help you with this because it is their area of expertise
Another helpful resource is a hospice group
Also a local church will be helpful especially if there's one she belonged to
I hope this helps

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