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Carolyn 19th Mar 2019 Activity Co-ordinator
Hi everyone,
Ive worked as an Activity Co-ordinator in various different care homes with elderly who need nursing care, those who are more able and those with dementia for a number of years. Im currently working in a care home with elderly people who would be classed as elderly mentally ill, or have late stage dementia.
Each morning Im expected to lead an activity for two and quarter-half hours. I find this extremely draining and virtually impossible to find a single activity for that length of time, hense usually choosing two different ones. The residents struggle to concentrate for this period of time too
In the past I usually lead an activity for an hour or just over-particularly when working with those with dementia, and found this worked well.
I have been in my job for just over two months and feel really drained as there are some particularly challenging residents who are vocally consistently noisy.
Id appreciate others views on the length of time an activity should be for, also how to cope with loud disruptive residents who make it impossible for others to hear. Im being told this is what I have to do, but my experience is telling me this is wrong. My manageress is approachable but has already had to support me as Ive battled various issues with care staff, and I sense shes getting tired of giving her support and wouldnt re the length of time for activities.
Feelling exhausted and thinking of packing the job in.
Solange 19th Mar 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Carolyn,

I am sorry for your troubles. To lead an activity for over two hours on your own is too long in my opinion.

Activities should go for 45-50 minutes if residents are engaged in it. Otherwise, change the activity. With the length of time you have, I would recommend you request a couple of volunteers and divide residents into two or three groups.

Regarding noisy elders, they should be in a group of their own playing cards, balloon baseball, or Bingo and facilitated by a volunteer.
Susan 20th Mar 2019 Activity Director
Hi Carolyn
I agree with Solange two hours is too long for an activity but you can break it up
Here are some thoughts I had with another Carolyn who seems to have a similar issue to yours
The truth is there is no magic bullet so hang in there for another month and try different things
Hopefully you will find things that work
Try to get some volunteers even family members may help out
Susan 20th Mar 2019 Activity Director
Hi again Carolyn
I had some more thoughts
I hope this helps
Carolyn 20th Mar 2019 Activity Co-ordinator
Thank you Solange, youve confirmed my thoughts on the length of time of the morning activity.
Ill speak to the Manageress re getting some volunteers, but is will be difficult on a daily basis.
I agree the lady who is repeatedly noise should not be in the same room disrupting the activities for everyone else. Im not sure theres space to divide everyone into several groups, but it a good idea.
Thank yoou for your ideas.
Carolyn 20th Mar 2019 Activity Co-ordinator
Hi Solange,
Many thanks for your comments, you have confirmed my thoughts about the length of time.
At present we dont have any volunteers, so I will mention recruiting some to my manageress asap.
I think youre confirming that the noisy residents should be seperate which is what I feel too, and dividing them into different groups would be better.
I will talk with my manageress and state that it needs a different approach entirely.
Shari 27th Mar 2021 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Hello everyone!
Does anyone have a template for Baseball Bingo?

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