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Miriam 23rd Mar 2019 Program Director
Looking for book suggestions for starting a book club for some picky residents. Just put in on my calendar so not sure of what good books to start off with. Open to any ideas that would help!!!
Susan 24th Mar 2019 Activity Director
I need to know what level you are residents are at
I did a book club with chicken soup for the soul stories but I suspect they are at a lower level than your residents
I think you should ask the people who would be in the group because those are the ones you have to please
Here are some other suggestions
Looking forward to hearing from you
simonne 28th Mar 2019 Services Coordinator
How do you run a book club?
Thanks :-)
Susan 29th Mar 2019 Activity Director
Running a book club is very dependent on the residents you are doing it with
Because of the level of function of the groups we have we chose a chicken soup for the soul story that one of the staff read aloud and then had a discussion about it
Some of the residents read the story ahead of time
You could make copies of a short story and distribut it to the residents who are interested
But I think having someone read the story aloud is a good idea to get the group going
Elisa 29th Mar 2019 Senior Activity Coordinator
There is a great book about reading and dementia
Reading in the Moment: Activities and Stories to Share with Adults with Dementia by Anne Vize.
I run a group in my home and we do both, giving copies to each resident to read together or in turns and somebody reading the full story aloud.
But most of the time, I read for them and we talk about the story as most of my residents have very low levels of education but enjoy stories.
Kathy 16th Apr 2019 Activity Director
We let the members of our book club take turns choosing the book for the month. They all seem to understand that one may be chosen they may not enjoy....The residents take turns passing the book(s) around during the month so that they all do not have to purchase one. This seems to work well for our group of independent living residents.
Susan 16th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Thank you Kathy for your input it sounds a good for those in the independent living but for those in the nursing home atmosphere it may be too difficult for them to do
Miriam make sure you take the needs and wants of your residents into consideration
Olwyn 16th Apr 2019 Diversional Therapist
I read small snippets of local history stories to the residents in high care. The local, colloquial language inspires reminiscence and further stories. To others that are bed ridden, I have read Children's bed time stories, and adventure stories from their childhood. Of course this depends on their individual likes and preferences. They choose the book they want to hear from a trolley that has items of interest that suit them eg. ex florist has gardening books.
Susan 17th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Thank you Olwyn
It sounds like you're doing great things and have great ideas
Just make sure that your notes state that the residents like children's stories and they give them great pleasure because you really need to keep things adult like
Thanks again for your comments and suggestions
Susan 18th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Do not forget to say that the activities give the residents pleasure as evidenced by

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