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Kerry 25th Mar 2019 Support Worker
Can anyone help me with a keyworker template also and any thing else I should no to start a weekly activity? Thank you so much
Susan 25th Mar 2019 Activity Director
Elisa 28th Mar 2019 Senior Activity Coordinator
Hi Kerry,
I'm sorry but I do not understand what you are asking really.
In my home we have an allocated activities key worker for each resident, as well as HCA and nurses. It is written in a list and on each resident's care plan.
If you mean a activities specific evaluation, NAPA (the UK national association of providers of activities for older persons) have a great one on their published materials.

Also if you are in the UK, there is a big difference between information regarding activities record keeping standards in USA and Australia (shown in the links above) versus the UK and Ireland. Mainly that CQC want "person centered" records with each resident's participation on each activity and do not care about the group evaluation or the activities plan as a whole. Also they want a 4monthly re-evaluation of each resident's activities evaluation and monthly review of their participation.
I hope this helps
Susan 28th Mar 2019 Activity Director
Very helpful information Elisa
Thank you

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