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Loretta 25th Dec 2016 Diversional Therapist
Can you tell me when does the activity evaluation form need to be evaluated? 6 monthly or 12 monthly? I know when a change happens you have to do this.
Solange 25th Dec 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Loretta, the Activity Evaluation Program is mostly done on a yearly basis (at the end of year), in my experience. Before developing the new year calendar, evaluate the old one. The evaluation is all about clients’ responses and involvement in the past year activities. Activities on the wane should be replaced with exciting new ones, providing opportunities for self-expression, decision-making, emotional comfort, socialisation, and enjoyment. The ‘Residents’ Meeting’ is a good venue to look for suggestions and opinions regarding preferable leisure activities. Best wishes!
Deborah 22nd Jul 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator
I am wondering each day I write in how many consumers attend each activity, but what do I do with those numbers after the month, do I evaluate 2 activities per month, and can you let me know what evaluation questions do I write up and do I do a survey from consumers
Susan 22nd Jul 2019 Activity Director
Hi Loretta
I have always done yearly evaluations except when there is a significant change. In the residents status
In the US the MDS coordinator decides when a significant change occurs

Hi Debbie
I do use the numbers to write notes for each resident depending on how many activities they engage in
When the number start to decline then it’s time to have a resident Council meeting to determine why residents are not attending a particular activity
You could also bring this up at a monthly resident Council meeting
This is a good time to get suggestions for new activities that they may like
You can suggest a few things they may like and see what the response is
Soyen 6th Jun 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi this is really my first and really appreciate if anyone could help me of how would you monitor the involvement and enjoyment of the clients. thank you
Susan 8th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi Soyon
This comment should really help you
You can also use the tool kit offered at Golden Carers

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