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Regis Alawarra Lodge 16th Apr 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator
We are trying to change our prize awarding system. For years now we have used Kit-Kats as prizes for winners during our competitive games (like bingo, carpet bowls, quizzes, bucket game, etc, etc). Some residents are bored of Kit-Kats and some can't have chocolate, so we are going to trial a new system.
We will use a loyalty-type card that takes the place of a Kit-Kat, so for every game or small prize they may have won, they get a stamp or hole punch instead in their card. Then when they have filled in their card they can claim a bigger prize (like a scarf, handkerchiefs, note books, pens, etc, etc).
Does anyone else use a system like this? How does it work for you? We are going to trial it for a few months and ask for feedback as we go. I'm interested to hear what you all think, or if you have recommendations.
I will post again once we have been trialling, say end of next month.
Thanks, Jocelyn (Regis Inala Village)
Gail 16th Apr 2019 Activity Assistant
I work in an memory care assisted living residence. We are doing the switch in the opposite direction. We have had a system in which the winner of the game earns a “bingo buck” (laminated play money) and trades them in a week or two later for larger prizes. This doesn’t seem to work well, as all of our residents have dementia and don’t remember why they get to select a prize at a later date. It is very confusing for them. We are hoping to change to a candy bar or something else as an immediate feedback prize for our residents who all live in the present moment.
Susan 17th Apr 2019 Activity Director
I like to give out qurterrs aor the equivalent
The residents seem to like the idea of money then they can use the money to buy things
Molly 21st Apr 2019 Activity Professional & Writer
Hi Jocelyn,

We've used a card system before and while the residents liked it because they received bigger prizes and gave them something to look forward to so attendance went up a lot of residents forgot or lost their card and the residents that needed a bit more assistance sometimes lost out on submitting their card in. If you have this system I would recommend also keeping track of the cards if not for all the residents for the ones you know may need a bit more help.

Susan 21st Apr 2019 Activity Director
Good idea Molly
Cathy 23rd Apr 2019
Our residents love snack size chips ( crisps). We also have snack size chocolates and lollies ( what ever is on special at the supermarket). When it's Easter we have Easter eggs, Christmas we have small lolly ( candy) bags with Christmas mix lollies and so on for Halloween etc. I occasionally throw in little essentials such as pens, little packs of tissues, little packs of handi wipes, mini shampoo and conditioner, hand cream and trinkets but the biggest choice by far is the chips LOL!! We have a limit of 2 packs of chips they are so popular, if they win again a choice of other items.
Susan 24th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Thank you Cathy for your suggestions
Kelly 26th Apr 2019
I have a tub that has chocolate , small bags of sweets, crisp, crackers, shower gel, combs, nail kits, hand creams, perfumes, Just alsorts, The males always like the sweets and chocolates but the females like the other prizes things that they can use.
Susan 26th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Food is usually good but of course you have to watch people's diets specially if they're diabetic
However I was told on more than one occasion that we are dealing with adults and it is their choice
Candy 28th Apr 2019 Activity Aid
I have used mini chocolate bars for bingo prizes for 5 years now on my memory care floor,the residents love them!
Susan 28th Apr 2019 Activity Director
Another good idea Candy

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